Sir I have a rank in DNB :) What do I need to plan now ?

As I just saw the DNB Results , few things that became obvious are :

1. NEET is not too far now

2. Ranks will be more or less the same specially for toppers

3. A good number of students have been made to clear DNB compared to yester years

Now that we are clear with the ranks , There are some vital informations to be understood before appearing for counsellings or even making a notion about DNB in any subject.

1. DNB as a course per say has seen a tremendous uprise in last Three years precisely because the genre of students entering into DNB changed drastically in last few years. Students have been seen leaving MS/MD in subjects which were not of their keen interest just to avail the subject of their choice and their desired place too either in terms of City/state.

2. It is the subject and your interest in that subject that should be kept at the topmost priority to decide whether to do DNB or even MD/MS

3. For any Surgical Subject like Orthopaedics , Surgery , Gynae and Obstetrics , ENT , Ophthalmology – Always take care of the institute that you are going to join in as the surgical cutting rate is independent of the claim to name and fame of the institute. One department can be awesome for DNB Trainees and the second can be aweful. So a personal inquiry into individual departements is the most important and vital to join any DNB course.

4. To some extent , DNB in other subjects like Radiology , Pathology , Anaesthesia are comparatively more forgiving not in terms of results but dependency on the department to learn the skills. (No issues with any branch personally but an observation)

5. Don’t ever worry that DNB will make you inferior to any MS/MD as there are a lot of institutes which have produced better and successful DNB’s as compared to MS/MD of any far away place. Moreover there are PG Courses for DNB’s which according to me make you a better skillful person as you taste and feel the varied quality of the best mentors and teachers.

6. According to me , personally City matters as I chose Delhi in place of any other peripheral place for either a diploma/degree. I wanted to be well versed with the place because I knew it was going to be difficult to be absorbed in this setup after a different mindset that I would have acquired at any other tier2/3 city

MORAL – Make your own choices and make your own lists not because you want PG but because you can see yourself dedicated to the subject even 20 years from now.


Kudos to all those who succeeded and got good ranks

All the best for NEET Results

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6 thoughts on “Sir I have a rank in DNB :) What do I need to plan now ?”

  1. tushar kanta sahoo

    nice article sir…
    now this is how a modern age ideal teacher should be like …
    I am yet to appear for any pgmee but sir the way you have been helping the students at every step is just commendable…
    hats off to you sir…

  2. rajdeep singh

    dnb 1384 can i get good institute for ortho in delhi or mumbai.could you advice some names

  3. Sir my rank is 358 on dnb I want ortho im delhi. Is gangaram better for that if I get that. Wht abt the passing rate in ortho. Sir plz guide me

  4. gud to read such an article ..since im planning to sit in dis yr’s dnb..sir i want to know about dnb dermatology in delhi…i mean till what rank can v expect getting dermat in delhi..n wat all institutes n hospitals provide d course
    waiting for ur reply sir…..

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