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Dr. Tushar Mehta


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  1. My daughter is almost 12 and she suffered from a patella dislocation 14 weeks ago. It is not healing right, it pops and clicks, still swollen. She is unable to walk normal. Doctor thinks it isn’t tracking correctly due to miserable malalignment. He wants to do surgery to rotate her femurs and do knee repair on torn ligaments an such. I have never heard of miserable misalignment and he never said she had it till now. Concerned and will be getting other opinions. Does this sound like it could be true. Will miserable misalignment cause the knee to not ever heal right? Thank you

  2. Sir thanks for giving me the book ortho our class was awesome.sir how to see previous post.i read the book for few pages bt its really a magic book.its look likes too small bt fantastic.our voluminous books couldnt give the information so nicely like your book.again thanks sir

  3. I never liked Orthopedics in my UG life. After reading orthopedics punch, i was amazed. The style of writing is awesome. I enjoyed it thoroughly. A must have guide book. And moreover every word written in the book is authentic, thats the best part. Loved it!!

  4. I used to think ortho aint my cup of tea! It ws always a burden for me! But this book helped me a lot..!!! Even in my NEET dere were 7 questns from ortho i marked em all right! N da only thing which helped me was ur teaching ur notes n ur book, tushar sir! Thanx! 🙂