Orthopaecics Plus

Here is a preview of our upcoming book Orthopaedics Plus….

This is an effort made for all the students who are either..

  1. In their pre-final years or
  2. In the final year with their all due focus on the giant subjects like Medicine , Surgery , Gynecology and Obstetrics or
  3. The PG Aspirants who realize that after crossing the hurdle of M.B.B.S. , they still have to win over a battle which needs determination , strength and a great effort .

As the phase while we are doing M.B.B.S., is all together different in the above mentioned scenarios, so I would like to address the students separately .

  • For the students who are in their Pre Finals ( 2nd and 3rd Professional ) : This is the career forming time and any constructive effort made at this time actually amplifies in the coming times . You may wonder how ! In fact this is the time where you can start with the basics of the clinical subjects along with the knowledge of the basic subjects like pharmacology and pathology on the foundation of anatomy , physiology and biochemistry . You can co relate the above mentioned subjects with the clinicals one if you go thorough with both of them . Now Orthopaedics being considered as a small subject often gets ignored and leads to catastrophe while appearing for final year theory examination of Surgery . So it is advisable and prudent to study this subject not from a massive textbook but rather a concise and brief description of the entire text along with X rays and pictorial descriptions.
  • For the students who are in their Final Year : I can totally understand what this year means to any undergraduate (personal experience too 😉 ). While dealing with the giant subjects , just go through thoroughly this text which has been concised and briefed for all of you so that you can score good marks in Surgery(Orthopaedics is a part of 30 marks in Surgery’s theory paper). Not only this but this book will also give you some HIGH YIELD POINTS regarding allied topics such as Rheumatology and Metabolic Diseases which will help you to score good marks in Medicine and Paediatrics . Last to mention , you will surely cross this hurdle of MBBS and then will land in the battlefield of PG Entrance Examination where this textbook will be a guiding light to tackle 10-15 questions in most of the examinations.
  • For all the PG Aspirants : You have to appear again for an MCQ based entrance examination after a long gap for which you need to practice all the subjects that you have finished over your MBBS tenure . Now this needs a meticulous strategy of preparation because “Study Hard and Study Smart” both are needed for that. To memorize is one part of it , to remember it is the second one , to retain is the third one and to reproduce it at the time of examination at the time of examination where you have 300 questions to be solved in approximately three and a half hours ( which gives you 45 seconds to read, understand , solve and mark the correct answer – believe me its quite easy once you practice ). Now there is one query that comes to our mind quite often – Are short subjects really important? Short subjects like Orthopaedics , Dermatology , Radiology , Psychiatry , Anesthesia are the actual scoring subjects as they take much less time and give you more marks IF read properly which we often don’t do in our MBBS tenure. Now this subject is required to be read thoroughly but quickly too . This was when this thought came to my mind while answering the above asked questions all across the country to students , that I should simplify this for you in a way that gives you not only the textual knowledge but tricks to solve an MCQ with do’s and don’t’s. Not only this but this handbook will give you MCQ’s being asked in the allied subjects like Medicine and Paediatrics from the overlapping topics like Rheumtaology and Metabolic Bone diseases . So Keep Going and enjoy .

To Summarize:

” This book will not only help you in building a proper approach to the exams but will ultimately act as your LAST WEEK REVISION source too. It is seen very commonly that the students preparing for PG Entrance Examination are confused in the last week about what to study.

So here is what you need. The one stop place for
1. Points easily forgotten ( add your own too – during your preparation – in blank pages given )
2. Points easily confused ( add your own too – during your preparation – in blank pages given )
3. Mnemonics collection (add your own whenever possible – in the blank pages given)

Revising these things in the last week before your examination will surely give you the EDGE you need. “

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