Sequesterum – What’s all about it !





Definition : It is a separated microscopic/macroscopic necrotic fragment of usually a cortical bone which seems to be radiodense, surrounded by infected granulation tissue and pus (radiolucent) from the viable parent bone


Diagnostic importance : Its presence is necessary to make a diagnosis of chronic osteomyelitis


Biological importance : It serves as a focus for continuing infection leading to recurrent bouts of acute and chronic Osteomyelitis


Classification of Sequesterum :

According to shape  :

Pencil – Infants

Cylindrical/tubular – Infants

Ring – External fixator

Conical – Amputation stump

Annular – Amputation stump

Coralliform – Perthes’ disease


According to consistency :

Coke like – Tuberculosis

Feathery – Syphilis

Sand like  – TB osteomyelitis in metaphysis


According to Color :

Black – Amputation stump , Fungal osteomyelitis

Green  – Pseudomonal Osteomyelitis



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