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These are the reviews of medical students who read the book Orthopaedics Punch!


  1. A review, “I was eagerly waiting for the book since i got to know that Dr. Tushar Sir is going to publish his book. Orthopaedics was never so simple for me at least, but after reading the explanations of sir’s in the “Tushar Mehta’s Orthopaedics facebook club”(online support) along with “DAMS Exclusive Club” and now ORTHOPAEDICS PUNCH it has become so simple. This book comprises all the basic and important topics along with images and recent advances which are frequently asked in PGMEEs. I will recommend this book as it is a complete solution to clear your concepts and to accomplish your mission of clearing the exams. At last i want to say thanks to Dr. Tushar Mehta sir for such a nice book.” – By Dr SIDDHARTH GUPTA…
  2. Yatin Talwar says, “Ya a very nice book…the book covers all the topics needed in a very short time…..congrats dr tushar for making such a good book……” and “The book is really good….this is not just my observation but from students of many states….quick for revision…easy to understand …works on important and expected topics……marvellous job…..a must for every pgmee aspirant….”
  3. Review by Dr DK Ahuja“sir done with dnb cet today paper was little bit tricky
    very few repeats
    your guidance of studying short subjects was very helpful so as your notes of class. The book Orthopaedics Punch is also very useful
    almost everything was there from your class room notes of ortho, and your book
    now fingers are crossed for neet
    wish us luck sir”
  4. Feedback from another reader, “Sir i had my DNB exam on 20th Nov, there were 5 Q from Orthopaedics. All Quest were from your class notes and your book. Thanks a lot.” (Name of student not disclosed on request)
  5. Feedback from Dr Shagun Walia, “sir your book was awesome!! completed it today! 🙂 i m sure it has given me an edge… :)…… wonderful book. language easy and student friendly. this ortho book should be introduced in curriculum by MCI. Thanks a lot sir for this masterpiece…”

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  1. I had always felt Orthopaedics is a difficult subject and there was a lot of mugging up required, given the large amount of factual data to be retained. Not so anymore, since i recieved your book, ‘Orthopaedics Punch’; the basics are explained in a lucid manner, with pictures, diagrams & tables, and the recent advances are presented well. Though a topic on joint involvement in connective tissue diseases was missing ; I’m not pointing out a flaw, but it would have been a nice read in the ‘punch’ style! The book is gripping, from beginning to end, with all the smileys and ‘punches’, it not only makes a good read, but also makes us feel that the author is interacting with us throughout with the good narration & explanation. It takes a lot to make a subject simpler, & Dr. Tushar Mehta has just done that. Thank you Sir for this book, a concise, comprehensive coverage of the subject.

  2. I used to think ortho aint my cup of tea! It ws always a burden for me! But this book helped me a lot..!!! Even in my NEET dere were 7 questns from ortho i marked em all right! N da only thing which helped me was ur teaching ur notes n ur book, tushar sir! Thanx! 🙂

  3. Manosij Maity

    I never liked Orthopedics in my UG life. After reading orthopedics punch, i was amazed. The style of writing is awesome. I enjoyed it thoroughly. A must have guide book. And moreover every word written in the book is authentic, thats the best part. Loved it!!

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