IlioTibial Tract/ Band (ITB) & Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL)

Its a longitudinal fibrous reinforcement of Tensor Fascia lata (TFL)

Three muscles give origin to ITB :

a. Gluteus Medius

b. Gluteus Maximus

c. TFL

ITB inserts at Lateral Tibial Condyle at Gerdy’s Tubercle.

Function – Abduction , Extension and External Rotation of Hip

TFL originates from iliac crest and inserts into the Iliotibial tract

Its an abductor and medial rotator of the Hip while it extends the knee.

ITB contracture can lead to :

Flexion , Abduction and External Rotation at hip (most common)

Flexion and Valgus at knee or sometimes Triple Deformity at knee ( Flexion , posterior subluxation and external rotation of tibia on femur )

Equinovarus at ankle and foot

Lumbar Scoliosis and pelvic obliquity at spine and pelvis respectively




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