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Osteochondritis / Osteochondrosis

Pressure / Compression / Crushing type –

Kienbock’s disease – Lunate
Panner’s disease – Capitellum
Freiberg’s disease – Metatarsal Head
Kohler’s disease – Navicular
Scheuermann’s Disease – Ring epiphysis of vertebral body
Calves’ disease – central bony nucleus of vertebra

Traction type –

Osgood Schlatter’s Disease – tibial tuberosity
Sever’s disease – Calcaneum
Johanssen Larsen Syndrome – Lower Pole of Patella
Adam’s disease – Medial humeral condyle
Iselin’s disease – base of 5th metatarsal

Splitting type –

Osteochondritis dissecans

By Dr. Tushar Mehta


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