Dynamic Hip Screw


Dynamic hip screw (DHS) or Sliding Screw Fixation is a type of orthopaedic implant designed for fixation of certain types of hip fractures. which allows controlled dynamic sliding of the femoral head component along the construct. The idea behind the dynamic compression is that the femoral head component is allowed to move along one plane; since bone responds to dynamic stresses, the native femurĀ may undergo remodeling and proper fracture healing.

Dynamic hip screws are used for internal fixation of fractures of the femoral neck and intertrochanteric region. The screw is a large cancellous lag screw that glide freely in a metal sleeve. The sleeve is attached to a side plate that is fixed to the lateral femoral cortex with screws. Weight bearing cause the femoral head to becomes impacted on the femoral neck producing dynamic compression of the fracture. The shaft of the lag screw slides down the sleeve maintaining reduction of the fracture as compression occurs.


Dr. Tushar Mehta

MBBS , DNB (Ortho), MNAMS, PGDCR, http://www.facebook.com/orthopaedicsplus.in