Platelet Rich Plasma – How does it work ?


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) consists of plasma sample from one’s own blood enriched with autologous platelets

Indications :

  • Controversially used in Orthopaedics for possible stimulation of bone and soft tissue healing.

  • Preparation technique :

    • PRP is created by centrifugation of blood to separate platelet rich plasma layer from a sample of whole blood.

    • Calcium chloride used to initiate platelet activation in the prepared sample of PRP.

  • Platelet function

    • Plays an important role in the inflammatory cascade response after injury.

    • Growth factors released from platelets include :

      • PDGF

      • TGF-B

      • VEGF

      • IGF

      • FGF-2

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  1. Dr.Multani Ram Lamba

    The inflammatory cascade response initiation in itself by the platelets is the starting of healing process and the various harmones & factors released Like




    are nothing but natural healing factors and we must utilize them for this….specially wherever nonhealing or delayed healing is imminent.

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