Burners / Stingers


Burners / Stingers
Burners / Stingers
  • These are the traction injuries that results in a neuropraxia of the brachial plexus.
  • This is mainly due to ipsilateral shoulder depression with lateral neck deviation to the contralateral side.
  • DEAD ARM Sensation : Pain that radiates into the shoulder and down the arm into the hand.
  • Commonly seen in tackling sports like football players specially the linemen and players at defensive ends.
  • There is an associated weakness of shoulder abduction ( deltoid ) , elbow flexion ( biceps ) and external rotation ( spinati )
  • X rays and Proper neurological evaluation is required to rule out any fracture / cervical instability.
  • Ncv/ Emg are required if there is no recovery within 2-3 weks.
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