Winging of Scapula

Anatomy of Scapula
  • Scapula serves as the attachment site for 17 muscles
    • Its normal function to stabilize the scapula to the thorax, provide power to the upper limb and synchronize glenohumeral motion.
  • Normal Movements :
    • Elevation and Upward rotation
      • By Trapezius muscle.
    • Scapular Protraction (Anterior and Lateral motion)
      • By Serratus anterior and Pectoralis major and minor muscle
    • Scapular Retraction (Medial motion)
      • By Rhomboid major and minor muscles.
Types of Scapular Winging :
  •  Two types based on direction of Inferior border of scapula
    • Medial winging
      • Serratus anterior (long thoracic nerve)
    • Lateral winging
      • Trapezius (CN XI – spinal accesory nerve)
scapular winging - medial
scapular winging – medial


scapular winging  - lateral
scapular winging – lateral


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