Dressing Materials

Betadine :

  • It is iodine combined with polyvinylpyrrolidone

  • It is broad spectrum – effective against gram positive , gram negative bacteria , fungi , viruses and protozoa

  • Its preoperative application before surgical incision reduces colonization

  • It decreases fibroblast proliferation and neovascularization in chronic wounds


Hydrogen Peroxide :

  • It is inexpensive and wisely available

  • It uses free radicals of oxygen which scavenges the ineffective pathogens

  • It is mainly used for removing and cleansing loose debris

  • It maintains aseptic environment but decreases neodermal regeneration and fibroblast proliferation



  • Edinburg University Solution

  • Chlorinated lie and boric acid solution

  • 0.25% weight/volume of available chlorine

  • It acts better as a freshly prepared solution


Neosporin :

  • It is a combination of neomycin , bacitracin and polymyxin B

  • It is effective against wide range of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria


Silver based ointments :

  • Silver ions destroy bacterial cell wall , enzymes and DNA synthesis

  • It has some anti-inflammatory properties

  • It reduces levels of TNF alpha



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