Orthopaedic Neurology Updates

Neurology Updates :
1. The most common peripheral nerve injury – radial nerve
2. Radial nerve , after getting injured has the best prognosis of recovery as it is predominantly a motor nerve and the muscles supplied by it are not involved in fine movements
3. Sequence of Prognosis after nerve injury = radial > ulnar > sciatic
4. The rate of recovery of an axon – 1mm/day
5. The part of nerve distal to the point of injury undergoes Secondary or Wallerian degeneration.
6. Sympathetic fibres are most resistant to mechanical trauma.
7. The minimum current strength required to elicit muscle contraction is called the Rheobase which is measured in milli-amperes. (mA)
8. Chronaxie is the duration of the current required to excite a muscle with the current strength of double the rheobase . It is measured in milliseconds. (msec)
9. Normal conduction velocity of a motor nerve is 70m/s
10. Most common nerve used for grafting is Sural Nerve.
11. Other nerves used for nerve grafting :
-saphenous nerve
-medial and lateral cutaneous nerve of forearm
-superficial branch of radial nerve
-intercostal nerves

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