” How to Handle the Crutch “

A question which has been asked in many entrance examinations is on the below mentioned topic that is – ” How to use a single crutch in case of injuries “


Here goes the question :

Q . A pt has 2 month POP cast for tibial fracture of left leg. Now he needs mobilization with single crutch. You will use the crutch in which side?
a.left side
b.right site
c.both side
d.any side
Answer – B ( Right side )

Explanation  :

Walking with One Crutch


  • When walking with just one crutch, hold the crutch on the opposite side of the affected leg. It is common to want to use the crutch on the injured side, however this just causes you to lean and put more pressure on the injury.
  • When stepping swing the crutch through as you step with the affected side. The crutch and your foot should hit the floor at the same time. Then step through with the unaffected leg
  • By holding the crutch on the opposite side you can take weight off of the injured side and better support yourself as you walk.

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  1. this article is useful for physical therapists also along with the ortho. overall good website and good effort.

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