Controversy ” What to mark in Ahlbach’s “

AI 2011
Q :  A 65yr old lady presents with a long standing history of pain and swelling in her right knee. Pain is significantly interfering with her activities of daily living. Radiological evaluation shows grade 3 changes of osteoarthritis according to Ahlbach’s classification.  Recommended treatment is
A.Conservative management
B.Arthroscopic lavage/washout
C.Partial knee replacement.
D. Total knee replacement.

Answer stands out to be D that is Total Knee Replacement as patient is symptomatic with restriction of activities of daily living .

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  1. sir kindly give some concepts in brief on this topic.
    And what should be the answer for this similar mcq asked in May AIIMS 2010.
    A 68 yr old man came with pain and swelling of the right knee. Ahlbach grade 2 osteoarthritic changes were found on investigation. what is the furthur management?
    a. Arthroscopic wash out
    b. high tibial osteotomy
    c. total knee replacement
    d. Conservative

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