A word from Tushar Mehta

After moving out of my parent institute after MBBS , I realized that i had an immense love for the subject that I had never been able to concenterate upon in my days of undergraduation due to overburden of big giant subjects like Medicine , Surgery , Paediatrics and it was then I decided to do my post graduation in this subject called Orthopaedics . As son as I entered into this world of DNB Orthopaedics , I had to sail through the uncertainities of a non teaching institute , low pass percentages but somehow the constructive criticism and helpful suugestions by seniors and mentors in the practicalities of this vast and divergent field .The stratified groups and books helped me to grab the theoretical knowledge and various masters and genius of the field all over the country helped me to acquire the art what we often refer to as  “clinical skills” . In the meanwhile , as they say students are the best teachers , I went into the depths of the field while I was guiding , teaching and directing Undergraduates towards their utmost goal of Post graduation by clearing all the air in the field of Orthopaedics . It was then I realised that this wide gap between between the two clans should be bridged and this portal is meant to serve the same . Hence it is an initiative to guide the undergraduates through the experiences of post graduates and mentors and apart from that the prime objective is to see that during postgraduation and specially I would say during DNB , this portal serves as a stratified channel to conquer the horizons as I could do in my first attempt in Theory as well as Practical in DNB Orthopaedics .We shall never forget ” Knowledge imparted is knowledge gained ” . So dimensions should be broadened and experiences should be shared.

Tushar Mehta
MBBS , DNB (Ortho) , MNAMS , PGDCR ,

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  1. Well tushar … best of luck for the future life….hats off to the passion towards orthopaedics……its a great achievement.

  2. Narinder Kumar Taneja

    It is a matter of great pride for me that u r doing so well.I feel priveledged that i tayght u Ophthalmology for 2 days ,a nd u topped in that subject. It was u who was able to grasp every thing .only agenious can do that. best wishes dear Tushar. u have miles and miles to go further

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